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About Revtechno

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Welcome to the www.revtechno.com, here you will come to know about us and our beloved Website – RevTechno.com
Providing technological reviews and providing our supporters with all the available news, Different analysis and not looking to stop anytime soon.

Why Revtechno?

Our website is providing people with quality posts about technology expanding from Phones to the computer and expanding by the second. We at Revtechno seek to help the consumers with any difficulty they face while looking at the new devices in our market. We are helping people remain up – to – date with all the happenings in the tech world.

How it all began

Reading various under – or – over appreciating reviews scrappy posts and confusing reviews on the mighty web lead us to believe we were entitled to do a better job and reach consumer on a similar level where they were able to understand what we were conveying to them, and realizing we could actually help a larger population in their technological decision making.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach to as many people as we can and possibly help them in making their decision in just a big tech swap. Help people choose the right product for them and keep them up to date with every new technology that coming in the market.

Our Contributors


Business minded vivid leader and a big mess. Alive but still not kicking. Periodically motivated guy.
He has always been a great help in pooling people and getting them to work. We can say he is the glue in holding this company together.

Lalit Mohan Wadhwa

Student and a tech enthusiast pursuing his career in computer science as well as interests in this wonderful world of technology.
Known as the tech guy among his friends Lalit had interests in the field of computers since his early childhood. As the time grew the technology expanded and his interests grew to anything and everything in this tech world.

Shiv Longani

An IT wiz head fumbled over and wandered onto the paths of commerce. Dreamed to come back to this amazing world of gizmos helped create this site acting as a constant content writer and handling our finances. Though suffered a great setback due to his mistake he has truly shown us that everything is possible with hard work and endurance.
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