Ad-Blocker comes up in new version of Chrome Canary

Those living the beta-tester life would have seen the new ad-blocker option in the latest build of the Chrome Canary.

Chrome Canary has Ad-Blocker now
The Canary channel of Android includes experimental features by Google which may or may not make it to final release. Its mostly under development features with a lots of bugs. Earlier, Wall Street Journal suggested Google working on a native ad-blocker for chrome on Android and and on PC. While this feature isin’t official yet, its available to Chrome Canary users.

That being said, the features are added and deleted from the Canary Builds in seconds. The ad-blocker might have been implemented to test something else which could provide user a clean experience while browsing the internet on their Android device.

Ad-Blockers aren’t a new concept. Many browsers have it pre-installed as a feature or a plugin or extension. Even on Chrome you can do this using a small extension. The issue here is google owns a advertising company which is one of the major sources of revenue for them. So, even if the Ad-Blocker makes it to Chrome eventually excluding its own ads in that would be a viable method to attract more clients to its advertising division.

Google commented by saying if it targets on the ads, it will only target ads which are spoiling user experience like pop-up ads. Essentially all non google adwords ads. Despite we have seen a adblocker in Chrome Canary build don’t expect a full roll out anytime soon as Canary builds are notorious to delete features in a second and have stuff that never makes it to the masses.

What are your thoughts about a Native Ad-Blocker in Chrome? Let us know your thoughts below!

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