Android Messages notifications seem broken? Its not just you

Apps like Android Messages can have a variety of gimmicks and feature and it really doesn’t matter until they do what they were made to. Failing at simply displaying notifications of messages you receive is one of the essential task of such apps. Apparently for some people it has been failing in that too.

Android Messages

People on Google Play and the Android subreddit have reported that Android Messages no longer notifies them of incoming new messages. No amounts of reboots and clearing app data will help. Even uninstalling and installing phone again does nothing. This led to many people dumping the app altogether and going for something else.

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A minority of people also reported there are issues of duplicate notifications, no notification when messages failed to send and even unable to receive incoming messages. There were various fixes mentioned on reddit but most of them doesn’t work. And trying to haywire the application into working one could dump it all together.

Its a bit of a depressing that a giant like google could let a broken update roll-out to users without even testing it first. It looks like a update to functionality caused a bug which is causing these problems. Although there seems to be million of people having android messages on their phone, many few of them actually use it. This causes issues of people who use it with basic tasks like receiving messages.

Android Messages alternatives

Google will surely push out a update to fix this bug so in the meantime you can look out for any other alternative like Hangouts etc. In the meantime you can check out the old version of the app here. We have tested it to work. Uninstall the old one and install this and just don’t update it.

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