Asus VivoBook 15 review: Powerful and practical but not perfect

VivoBook 15

Asus in recent times has revamped and refreshed their laptop lineup quite aggressively be it the Gaming range of TUF and Republic of Gamers or their ultrabook range of ZenBook and VivoBook. VivoBook is the least expensive one of the lot, which offers good performance at a reasonable price, VivoBook 15 X512 is no exception of the set blueprint.

VivoBook 15 Design and Build: A good quality laptop but not really worth INR 80,000

Asus is no slouch in designing their laptops accordingly be it aggressive-looking gaming laptops or classy design of the ZenBook. They emphasized on making the VivoBook 15 definitely feels smaller than most other 15-inch ultrabooks, and the size has been very well managed. Asus has very cleverly used materials, the top lid is made up of metal with a classic groove design which is not flashy yet noticeable and resonates classic Asus design methodology.
The deck of the laptop is made up of complete plastic which helps the device in keeping the weight down to just 1.19 kilograms, which is so light you might just forget you have a laptop in your backpack. The plastic body offering is common in laptops but for INR 80,000 we expected a better built than something you might get at INR 40,000.

VivoBook 15

The keyboard is not compromised for size and you get a full-size keyboard with a fingerprint scanner at the top right corner of the touchpad. The fingerprint does the job but is definitely not on par with the fingerprint readers we are used to on our smartphones.

VivoBook 15 Display: Nano Edge display that is average

VivoBook 15 houses a 15-inch Full HD IPS LCD display which is vibrant and looks good under perfect lighting for indoor viewing.  The display is colourful and with average contrast, but the brightness levels aren’t good enough to use outdoors. The display is good for watching movies and general net surfing. The panel is average and doesn’t justify the price tag.

VivoBook 15

There is an Anti-glare coating on the display is a lot of help in low light or reflective conditions. We expect Asus to pass in flying colours on the display department since their track record is splendid in the display department but this feels like a letdown.

VivoBook 15 Performance: Looks better on paper

You could argue for the price range of around INR 80,000 for the top model you could easily buy a gaming laptop with a very decent spec sheet, but this is definitely built for a completely different user base. The VivoBook 15 X512 gets Intel Core i7 8th generation processor and comes paired with 8GB of DDR4 RAM as standard. Asus has also put Nvidia MX250 graphics card for dealing with graphics-intensive tasks but not high graphic gaming. For storage, there’s a combination of a 256GB SSD and a 1TB hard drive. And as usual, there’s Windows 10 onboard to manage the resources and you also get MS Office.

The laptop is pretty rapid in normal usage, boot loads are fast thanks to SSD. Multitask is super easy on the VivoBook 15. The laptop isn’t a complete waste for gaming either you could play PUBG, Apex and CS on medium to low settings.

VivoBook 15 Battery: Good for regular use

You have 37WHr battery which could last about 5-6 Hrs. There is no fast charge support and even though there is a Type-C port there is a separate charging port, and I would have liked fast charge Type-C charging.

VivoBook 15 Conclusion

If you are looking for a good looking light ultrabook with a lot of power you should definitely consider the VivoBook 15 X512. The ultrabook is definitely a better package on paper than in practical usage.



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