A solution to all Enterprise Wireless networks: AXILSPOT ASC175

AXILSPOT ASC175 is a high performance 802.11ac indoor Access Point, providing an economical solution for enterprise wireless networks. With a 3×3 MIMO dual-radio design, the ASC175 delivers uncompromising wired-like performance for high-density environments.


With consistent performance to work at heavy user traffic and mission critical scenarios, the ASC175 is an ideal choice for high-density environments such as classroom, conference centres, enterprise offices, arenas, and stadiums. Built-in Intelligent RF optimization and QoS enforcement ensure that the ASC175 provides always-on connectivity for data, high-bandwidth applications or low-latency applications. No need to assign dedicated RF expertise and hardware typically required fine-tuning a wireless network.

ASC175 supports both, stand-alone or central management, that make it perfect, to blend in any of the environment and is easy to operate.


Salient features of ASC175:

Multi SSID and User Grouping

VLAN and SSID tagging enable different access policy and user grouping. Portal authentication and blacklist features isolate staff to network and guest network improve network security.

Zero-Touch AP Deployment

AP configuration, firmware upgrade, network monitor all performed by a unified platform results in high network scalability. Plug-and-play improves operation efficiency and reduces maintain costs.

Flexible Deployment Options

PoE or DC power supply, ceiling or wall-mount deployments.

Key Highlights:

  • Dual-band 802.11ac 3×3 MIMO indoor access point
  • Up to 450Mbps (2.4GHz) + 1300Mbps(5Ghz) 
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port, compliant with IEEE 802.3at PoE  
  • Easy ceiling installation
  • Up to 32 SSID, full flexibility in network design
  • Intelligent RF optimization through  airtime fairness, band steering and optimal channel selection
  • Work as a standalone AP, or centrally managed by controller


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