BlackBerry to announce its own version of secure Android OS

According to a report, Blackberry is set to announce licensing deals for its secure version of Android OS. Once the company was known for its secure enterprise mobiles used both for personal and official uses. With the growth of Samsung and Apple, its OS, as well as phones, became obsolete.


BlackBerry KEYone

Struggling BlackBerry announced its first Android powered smartphone when the other OEMs already had touched their 6th Generation in 2015. Since then they have partnered with various other companies to bring back their brand name and provide Android users with a secure and their version of Android with a skin.

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The plan is sorta working out well. A 10-year brand licensing deal with Optiemus in India. Similar partnerships with BB Merah Putih for Indonesia and TCL (probably a better-known partnership) for the global market. These partnerships provide the companies to manufacture and sell BlackBerry branded devices with their software at their discretion. While the BlackBerry focussed on software for partner devices and apps limited to Google Play only, it’s time to change. According to the reports at least.

BlackBerry KEYone

ETTelecom reports that BlackBerry is preparing to launch BlackBerry Secure, an Android based OS modified to provide a fully secure user experience.  According to the report, the company is in talks with various OEMs for licensing deals for the yet to announce software. “We have a number of different contracts that we are working on right now. We expect some to be announced soon,” says Alex Thurber, the company’s Senior Vice President of Mobility Solutions.

Under the licensing deal, OEMs will be able to ship their devices with Android based operating system with all the features that once made BlackBerry everybody go to choice. This will help BlackBerry take a step in the Enterprise of Things(EOT), a place where the company is long interested. According to the company:

We have already started talking to a couple of medical manufacturers. John Chen had also talked about TVs – there is an amazing amount of products that run Android and since we are able to make a very secure Android, we think there are a lot of opportunities. We have a very specific plan and we are working to that plan… We believe it is important to bring security into every element of enterprise of things.

So are you excited about the BlackBerry Secure? Company’s latest offering? Is it the Nostalgia or the the features? Let us know in the comments down below!

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