Budget Smartwatch: U8 Review

the Unknown:
A new Chinese tech manufacturer have launched a very affordable
smartwatch offering in the market, the company doesn’t offer anything quite
market breaking but the price tag is the stuff that attracts us.
U8 watch starts at $17(but can be bought for around 500
 The device
supports Android and IOS and is available only in Black colour.
The watch is compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 and up.
Bluetooth 3.0 Smart U8 Watch Phone Mate with Sync/Anti-lost
Alarm Compatible for Apple Iphone and Android. If it used for IOS phones, only
part of function works
1.48” Touch Screen Smart Watch w/ Bluetooth &
Pedometer/ Daily water resistant. Answer or Dial calls from your wrist; Sync
Phone book/SMS/call history (Only for Android phones)
Phonebook features: The watch is connected with your
smart phone and displays mobile phone contacts.
Dialer Feature: Smart u8 Watch can connect to your smart
phone to dial.
Remote taking photo function: You can control your
cellphone to take photo from the watch,(only for android phone) Stopwatch,
Passometer, Photograph, Barometer, Vibration.
The company also provide replacement guarantee for 1
We were provided with the watch for a detail review, and
it was pretty straightforward review.
The device in no way feels premium in hand. Watch is very
light weight(Just 76gms), and made throughout with plastic, button on the side
is a solid square button.
The feel all in all is very average and plastic.

Touch on the watch is a bit laggy, touch response is ok,
and the 3 capacitive buttons on the watch lacks a bit in response times.
Speaker on the left side of the watch is not very great
and there is a bit of cracking and stuttering when it is made to work.
Because of the screen being too small (1.48”), doing
stuff like using the calendar and calculator is quite tough to operate.
But the device does all the necessary work that it needs
to achieve, you can set alarm from the watch, you can use stopwatch and also
pedometer is there which tells you the steps you take, time you have been
running, fat you burned, your speed, and your mileage.
You can read the messages you receive on your phones, you
can control your music and camera from the watch.
The watch also has sleep monitor, which helps to monitor
your sleep pattern, and the watch also have water reminder, this helps you
remember to drink water timely to keep you healthy.

The company claimed of about 160 hrs of standby time and
6 hrs of music play time. But on a personal usage the watch lasted for around 5
hours on a very average usage. But we expect around a day of play time from any
Smartwatch, but as always the price tag comes to rescue for this device.
take on the device:
We think that the watch is not for people who want their
Smartwatch to be premium looking and be able to do lots of stuff.

This watch is a basic watch that is the answer to all
your basic Smartwatch needs, and with its price tag it’s quite a good option
for new buyers and people who want a less expensive alternative to big money
smartwatches. The watch has a very average battery, excellent functions and an
even better guarantee.

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2 Responses

  1. James says:

    This watch is shit

  2. Anonymous says:

    James , wtf you want from cheap as shit watch like it , even normal watches are more expensive.

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