ChampOne C1 4G smartphone launched for only Rs 501. Another hoax?

The ChampOne C1

ChampOne Communications India Pvt. Ltd. certified company with MCA India recently launched their own smartphone with the name “ChampOne C1” that too only for Rs 501. Under the Indian Government’s Made in India scheme and Digital India devices like this will be a great boon to the indian economy.

The ChampOne C1 has high end technical specifications. 1.3 Quad Core processor, 5” IPS display, 2 GB RAM/ 16 GB ROM, 5/8 MP camera and a fingerprint scanner all of the abouve just for Rs 501.
This is just a promotional price to boost the initial sales of the product. A company official told us that after the promotional period end the price of the device will bump up to Rs 8000. Thats a big leap but a great marketing stunt if the people decide to trust the company.

To avail this product during Flash Sale, one has to get themselves registered with Champ1india by getting its registration number. Entire detailed process is available on for registration.

Registration has already been started on 22 August 2016. Post getting registration number users have to log on to on flash sale day and a defined number of users will be getting this smart phone only for 501.

The catch being during registration users have to pay Rs 101 to buy one of ChampOne Communications India Pvt. Ltd. software whose product key will act as your registration number. It might be a way to loot the public or a something to promote their software because even if they unable to deliver the device they would have sold too many copies of their software and earned a hell lot of money.
With the Freedom 251 debacle still going on the future of this device is uncertain. Stay tuned for more updates.

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