Comio C2 Lite In-depth Review: An all rounder average phone?

Comio is a Delhi based smartphone manufacturer under Topwise communications. The Topwise communications are headquartered in Hong Kong. The company recently launched its series of smartphones from the entry level to the sub-flagship range. Adding to their offering, the company unveiled their new Youth-oriented smartphones. The devices namely,  Comio S1 Lite and Comio C2 Lite. The Comio C2 Lite is the cheaper and the less powerful one of the bunch. So the age-long question is is it worth the money?

Comio C2 Lite

The Comio C2 Lite comes with a 1.5 GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6737 coupled with Mali-T720 GPU and 1.5GB of RAM. It sports a 5-inch (1280 x 720 pixels) HD IPS display. For the optics, it features an 8MP rear camera with LED Flash and f/2.0 aperture. For the selfies, it packs a 5MP front-facing camera with LED Flash and f/2.0 aperture. All of this is backed up by a 3,900mAh Battery.

Comio C2 Lite

The device comes in a plastic shell which looks like metal on first glance. This makes the smartphone look premium at such a low price point. However, holding the device feels quite cheap. Also, the device is bulky which makes holding it quite now as good of an experience you want. It runs on Android 7.0 (Nougat) with Comio UI 2.0, but there is no news on updates for the device. The phone sports a dual sim card slot along with a micro-sd card slot. No hybrid dual sim card slot which is a good news. It also sports a 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro-USB port for charge and sync. The device comes with a glass screen protector and a transparent case out of the box.


The Comio C2 Lite features a pretty normal design. The design is not something new or inspiring, but that’s not a bad thing.  At this price point, the design could be better. A thinner device would be expected. However, it looks like some comprises were made to accommodate that massive 3,900mAh battery.

Comio C2 Lite Font


The front consists of a 5-inch (1280 x 720 pixels) HD IPS display. Above that, you have an earpiece which is sufficient to make phone calls in busiest of the places. The sensor array for the LED Flash along with the proximity sensor and accelerometer is at its left. The 5MP front-facing camera with f/2.0 aperture is at it’s right. On the bottom of the screen, we have 3 capacitive buttons. The buttons are backlight, but at this price point, it was expected.

Comio C2 Lite Back


On the rear of the device, there are iPhone 7 styled antenna bars. This gives the device a clean look from the back. There is a camera unit in the top center of the device with a LED flash below it. The camera array has a slight bump around it, which makes it look a little distinct. Below the camera array, we have the Comio branding.

The power buttons and the dual sim and micro-sd card tray is on the right. The left is also pretty basic with housing only the volume rockers. On the top, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack. And on the bottom, there is a micro-USB port with speakers and microphone on either of its side.

With an average design, a bulky design and fully plastic body, the device doesn’t feel premium at all. However, the look state the exact opposite. However, with an all-plastic build, expect no drop protection at all. That’s why the company has decided to include a tempered glass and a transparent case in the box. This increases the durability by a lot.


The Comio C2 Lite runs on Android 7.0 with Comio UI 2.0 skin on the top. Comio UI is Comio’s own skin which it adds to its devices to give them a unique look. While custom skins are not everybody’s piece of desire, Comio’s Comio UI offers a complete overhaul of Android with its custom launcher, icon packs, lock screen, notification shade settings menu and all. It also includes some bloatware. Apps like Xender and Venus browser and 360 Security come as a Bloatware. Most of the bloatware can be deleted, but not all. This will make some people unhappy but most won’t care.

Comio C2 Lite

When it comes to performance, all these changes don’t affect the performance much. At least they didn’t in our testing. And if you don’t like the skin, it is after all an Android Device. Everything can be changed with a third-party app easily from the Play Store.


The performance is a major area of concern in any device. Especially with low-budget devices. Sometimes these devices perform so low, they are rendered useless. Thankfully the 1.5 GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6737 coupled with a Mali T-720 GPU and 1.5GB of RAM performs up to the task. It doesn’t lag much in daily usage, but it gets hot quickly.

We ran our usual AnTuTu benchmarks and the GeekBench benchmark to evaluate the performance of the phone. The AnTuTu v7 yielded a score of 36291 which is okay considering the price. The GeekBench yield a single core score of 535 and multi-core score of 1533. The performance numbers of the device on paper were sort-of good for the value. The processor scores were better, but the GPU wasn’t up to the mark.

The phone exhibits almost no lag while long usage duration. However, the device gets heat-up quite easily. That makes the device hard to use if you are a heavy user.

In light gaming such as Hill Climb racing and Subway surfer, the phone runs smoothly. Although, heavy games like Need For Speed: No Limits and Asphalt 8 caused heavy lag. The device heats up, in any case, no matter what.


Comio C2 Lite

The smartphone has an average 5-inch (1280 x 720 pixels) HD IPS display. The display gets quite low and not some much bright. The colours are okay for an HD IPS display. The sunlight readability is quite poor. That is most probably due to not having enough brightness. At this price point, with an HD IPS display, you really can’t complain.


The Comio C2 Lite features an 8MP rear camera with LED Flash and f/2.0 aperture. For the selfies, it packs a 5MP front-facing camera with f/2.0 aperture. The camera sensors are not great at all, least on paper.  Although, not everything depends on the camera lens as we have seen in the past.

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The rear camera on the phone is pretty neutral. Both the indoor and outdoor shots in all lighting conditions give the same result. The colours are dull and the images are grainy. The HDR mode worsens the image by adding more than required colour. There is a beauty mode in the camera which doesn’t do any good. The images remain the same even in beauty mode. Also, there is a software-based bokeh mode on the phone. It is horrible like most of the software-based bokeh modes. The whole camera experience is usable, but not something to show-off.

Coming to the front camera, it performs better than the rear. The colours are quite better and the images are less grainy. This makes the front camera way better than the rear. It also has a beauty mode which does nothing observable. However, the camera in beauty mode recognizes faces and shows gender and age of the person. Although the gender recognition is mostly correct, the age recognition is horrible. Never the less, it is there.

Comio C2 Lite front Camera


Packing a 3,900mAh battery the phone lasts more than a day. The battery with constant usage lasts about one and a half day. If you are into heavy gaming you will definitely need to charge it almost every night. The charging time for the included charger is a little more three hours. The included charger is a 2 amp with no quick charge of any sort.

Comio C2 Lite PC Mark Work 2.0

PC Mark Work 2.0

We ran the PC Mark’s Work 2.0 Battery Life test which subjects the phone to heavy usage and finds out the battery life in that condition. The device yielded a result of 12 hours and 16 minutes. Which is more than what we are used to in this price segment.


Comio C2 Lite

The Comio C2 Lite comes with a price tag of Rs 5,999. Considering that price tag, the smartphone is a good deal. The device performs average in all aspects of its segment except graphics performance. Also, the heating issue of the smartphone is really bad. The battery life is really good. If you are looking to buy a good smartphone with average all-around performance, and don’t really care about the heating issue. The Comio C2 Lite should be your go to.

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