COVID-19 tracker to be installed on every phone (Silently)

COVID-19  virus that has affected more than 10 million people worldwide. This started in early January in China and now it has spread all over the world. As the virus is spreading at a high speed which has created a panic in the people as no one could track it. Though there are rumours for a  COVID-19 tracker service to be installed in your devices.

covid 19 tracker


According to the message, the tracker will be function once the Bluetooth is on and will send a notification on your phone. This tracker is not at all made for tracking your location or actives it is only tracking the patient of coronavirus near you.

Details on COVID-19 tracker:-

The forwarded message can be true as both Apple and Google are working on tracking the patients of coronavirus. This for sure that this tracker will not be in the form of an app as it will be in the form of an exposure notification. It will be because there are claims by the UK’s fact-checking organization that the app that has been downloaded in your device is not correct.

In Google devices:-

Google has added a special feature in its setting on Andriod devices as the COVID-19 exposure notification. And when you will click on this you will find out Google has not installed any app on your phone without your permission. Whereas this feature will need a participant app for enabling the notification on coronavirus. As there is the various government that has built or are building a participating app, though the Indian government is not a part of the group.

In Apple devices:-

Apple has also added a COVID-19 exposure notification in the last monthly update on iOS 13.5. This doesn’t mean that they have an installed an app secretly into your devices. It means that you have to enable the notification until you have a particular app to be installed. Basically both Apple and Google are providing a framework to enable the exposure of notification on coronavirus.

At last, just wanted to conclude that both Apple and Google are working on coronavirus tracking device with any participating app in it. Also, for now, there is not a single COVID tracing app on your phone that has been installed secretly without your permission for it.



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