Are Diwali sales by e-commerce websites really worth the hype?

As the festival of light, arriving this week, every e-commerce website has announced it’s great Diwali sale. Diwali is not just the festival of lights but also the festival of gifts. It is a festival where gifts are exchanged and not just for friends and family, it is a time where we spoil ourselves as well. Great discounts are given on all items. Electronic goods are one of the most bought items on Diwali sale.
But is the hype around Diwali sale really worth?

Diwali Sale

Eye catchy offer do result in better sale

There is nothing in the world that works as complex as the human mind. And there is nothing that appeases the human mind than knowing something is on sale. Even though many a time, a sale may just be a scam but most e-commerce websites do provide a decent sale on items. It is better to keep a tab on the items you want and keep checking its price before the sale actually starts. Most sites you are foolishly buying from trick you into believing that you are being offered huge discounts when they are selling a couple bucks off the usual price.

Last minute shopping

Honestly, however much we may plan, there always remains some last-minute buying. Online shopping definitely helps in that scenario. Sales often mean that items in the market may end up being sold out, even then online platform seems like a great boon.

Exciting offers

Mostly, some of the most popular items land up getting pretty decent discounts. Since their sales also go up the discount generally tends to be on a higher side. This is true generally, for electronic items.

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A number of options you have while buying something online is very high. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, there is no limit to a number of e-commerce websites present and the range of items present in each website is huge as well.
However, when we buy a lot of items in wholesale from the market to give us a better discount than buying it online. At the same time, bringing home a lot of items is a huge hassle.


Diwali Sale

Online sale

There is no guarantee of the quality of items we buy. Especially for clothes or decoration items. It does become a problem during Diwali sale where we genuinely do not have time to even exchange the bought items.
Customer Satisfaction
One of the most important factors during a sale is customer satisfaction. If the customer is satisfied with the items he would definitely come back to buy more items even when the sale is not there. A happy customer does mean a happy business after all.

What is your go-to place for shopping this Diwali? Do comment !!



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