Are drones the next big thing in market? Future of UAV’s.

Drones have opened new and numerous opportunities. Also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV), it can be basically considered as a flying robot. These aircrafts generally are controlled through remote controls or have software controlled flight plans. Started off as a part of military services today drones are being used for many civilian works as well. Many big companies like Amazon as well, considering and investing in drones.


They have been very useful in search and surveillance. Especially when natural disasters occur or some accident happens it helps the rescuers in monitoring the situation. It helps in knowing the damaged places to knowing if anyone is still need of help. It helps us get access to remote areas where as such human access may not be possible.

Not just for civilian safety but they have also spread their wings into commercial business. With Amazon announcing in 2013 to start deliveries through drones. They are not just electronic delivery boys but are also being extensively used in filmography and photography.

The device has also entered the agriculture sector with constant monitoring of crops being done through drones. They also help in weather monitoring and have proven pretty useful to the farmers.
With an increase in interest over IOT in the past year drones have seen an increase in their innovation and uses as well.

Drones in commercial field

Dilemma for drones

One of the biggest issue that the drone is facing right now is security. With the rise in number of people owning private drones. The complaints over them has increased as well. Many stating that they are being used to spy over them or the houses of celebrities being raided by drones etc.

Also, the air traffic tends to have been increased a lot, with their introduction. People have been using them with no prior knowledge which has further led to accidents. Drone collisions due to improper handling or loss of control have been a major problem.

Maybe three years ago seeing drones fly would have been a thing of curiosity but now it has become a very useful electronic invention. Even though security and lack of knowledge pose a threat to this fairly new device. It cannot be forgotten that drones are providing us with a brand new horizon !

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