DU OBE: Does it solve the Final year exam problem?

Delhi University is one of the most prestigious universities in India. It has students from all around the county from different caste, gender, and economical status, etc has come together to make their future. With the UGC guidelines making compulsory final year examinations. DU sought for DU OBE: open-book examination, first of its kind from Delhi University.


The education system in Delhi Unversity hasn’t coped well with the new technology where traditional education system still prevails. The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the university to update its system, The campuses still closed teachers are taking classes online in order to complete syllabus.

With UGC justifying their approach of conducting the exam for the Final year student

” to safeguard the principles of health, safety, fair and equal opportunity for students. At the same time, it is very crucial to ensure academic credibility, career opportunities and future progress of students globally. Academic evaluation of students is a very important milestone in any education system. The performance in examinations gives confidence and satisfaction to the students and is a reflection of competence, performance and credibility that is necessary for global acceptability.”

DU OBE: Issues

OBE is an examination that is performed via an online source. It means students will get a Question sheet on the portal and they have time time to upload their done answer sheets simple.  As it is an online source it requires good internet speed and connectivity.

Not only the internet there are many problems in the DU portal. Internet connectivity seems the least of their concerns thanks to Jio.


As DU is one of the old educational institutes so the technology the uses is primitive. Their portal clashes every time whenever they upload anything which required mass interaction.

Their portal crashes every time they post results and the websites are inoperable of the next two days. So, if they planning to conduct an OBE for final year student it won’t be a pleasant experience.

Link to their portal – https://obe.du.ac.in/index.php/site/login

Regional barrier

DU is vastly spread instituted which has students all around the county. There are students for north-east, Kashmir, and even from the remote places. During the lockdown face, almost every outstation student went back to their hometown for safety. And now due to these new regulations, they are required to appear for their exams with low internet availability.

The students currently in Kashmir, Manipur, Mizoram and etc don’t have high-speed 4G connections. They hardly get a 2G speed internet range which would be difficult to operate on.

There are several more and sensitive issues that made the DU OBE hard for the student. The students stand between the trade-off between giving exams with the lesser facility or missing out on crucial time before the physical paper can be conducted.

The student union and parties have lodged a complaint about this ruly behaviour. But it is about time as the university seems to head start their exams soon.

How private university conducted exams

One of the reasons for the failure of the portal can be that it is a government university that has less facility in terms of technology. Whereas the private universities in India were one step ahead, They already had portals for course modules and notes. They upgraded their system to incorporate examination and classes in their portal.

While the examination of these universities was conducted very smoothly but there were a few hiccups as well. Also rumours to be believed. Malpractices took place during those examinations.

How are Indian universities faring in the time of Pandemic

While their approach of education system seems to be exam-oriented and traditional classroom favouring. Indian universities are trying to catch up with the newer need. This might also give birth to purely remote courses being brought in the curriculum.

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