Has the age of e-books arrived? (e-books v/s printed books)

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.”

-Anna Quindle

Books don’t just educate us but also entertain us. Auto-biographies, comics, fictional novels the list is endless. Numerous genres, uncountable tales and the various emotions that are conveyed by a book are enthralling.


The first known printed book was the Bible and till date, it remains the most sold book. Physical books have a charm of their own, from their unique smell to the texture of the book having a book in our hands is magical. But today, with the wave of technology riding high, accessing books has completely been modernised. E-books have pretty much dominated the industry. Kindle is one of the most loved and used devices for the same.


One of the primary reasons for using e-book has to be the easy availability of books at the touch of an icon. There is no delivery or trying to find the book in various stores. From popular ones, to newly released almost all books are available online. Another major reason has to be that it is saving paper. It does not matter if you want to read a hundred books or five hundred, all need the same device. The number of books that can be saved depends on the memory of the device.

An e-book can even be read in low light and can be adjusted according to surrounding lighting conditions. With an in-built dictionary, readers can even find the meaning of unknown words instantly.

An e-book starts from the same page that you left, you can highlight points, make notes and remove them. Many times you can find previews of books that are going to be released.

E-books are like a boon for specially-abled, with audio books coming up lately, they have eased up accessing a book.

Consider a situation where you travel to some place and are bored. Now, what’s better carrying ten different books or having the content often in a single one. Also, unlike physical books, an e-book does not need any maintenance.


For an avid reader like me, having a book in my hand is the most joyous moment. The aesthetics of a library is something that can’t be easily forgotten. Personally, I think a person can connect way more easily with a printed book than that of an e-book.

Charging is another issue with the e-book. We need to constantly charge it for further reading. Highlighting and making notes need constant toggling and can be a bother for some. The mystery that is maintained by a printed book can’t be done by an e-book.


Security is a major concern. Since, if we lose our e-book then we would lose all our collection and not just a single book. There still are many who do not use technology, or have difficulty using it and may not prefer to use e-books.

Also, many prefer to gift books to people, gifting an e-book kind of limits our options.


Between dropping an e-book on my face and an 800-page novel, I think the e-book hurt less. So, at the end of the day, I think it is a person’s convenience and his preference that matters. There are many who prefer that using both according to the content works for them. Like they prefer e-books for fiction while printed books for non-fiction.

However, it can’t be forgotten that soon the existence of printed books may cease. Even schools these days have started to opt for e-learning and there may come a time when even the concept of printed books could be a foreign topic.

The contest between e-book and printed books may go on for a while, but finding a winner seems like a decision that varies with each person.

But when the computer takes over Books will be our only friends, so don’t throw them out just yet.

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