Evolution of Samsung’s UI: TouchWiz

Developed by one of the biggest tech giant-Samsung, TouchWiz is Samsung’s own take on Android. TouchWiz has received a lot of negative reviews during its initial years for being filled with unnecessary components. But from being one of the main reasons that people did not want to buy Samsung phones, TouchWiz has become a very popular UI over the past years.

Evolution of touch Wiz and Samsung Phones


TouchWiz 3.0 was its first edition released in 2010 to support Android Froyo and was first seen in Samsung Galaxy S. One of the main problem with this UI was its performance. Samsung had loaded the phone with immense features that it had under its belt. With new models’, new features kept piling up in the phone. However, most of them had no use and degraded the performance of phone over time.

Another factor which led the initial TouchWiz down was its Setting’s app. Each sub-menu had another sub-menu which literally made finding the option you want impossible. The structure of TouchWiz was pretty complex and users had difficulty operating it.


The TouchWiz 4.0 was hugely redesigned. With zoom in and zoom out other fancy and features. Galaxy S3 brought in new features as well. S3 was based on new Nature UX which again was refashioned. Samsung’s signature water-ripple effect and ‘organic system sounds’ as well as the smart stay feature were added. Even the App Drawer was changed and looked more cheerful. The bottom frozen row of icons was removed. As a response to Apple’s Siri, Samsung launched S Voice, an intelligent personal assistant with the TouchWiz as well.

Further, the launch of S4 was a turning point for the UI where its graph started to rise. Samsung decided to innovate with its existing features and released an all new TouchWiz with eye-tacking and motion sensing capabilities.

TouchWiz reached its supreme state with the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S6. Many of the features of software were disabled leaving users with some choice. While not losing the functionality that Samsung was popular for. One of the major changes opted by Samsung was to move to lighter shades of the theme instead of black as it embraced Google’s new vision of Android.


Evolution of touch Wiz


With better phones like Samsung S7, Samsung has definitely refined its UI to a much better extinct. Not just the software but the hardware of Samsung products with its processors has made Samsung a must buy the product. Although a few parameters like phonebook contacts or the keyboard experience has remained pretty much the same. But features like the camera and notifications have had some major changes.

TouchWiz has also been one of the major reasons for the Apple vs Samsung legal fight. From being one of the most criticised UI to a more refined, stable and popular one, It has strategically found a perfect balance between its features.

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