Are expensive gadgets worth our money?

The gap between technology and man has decreased substantially. Today, we are ready to splurge huge amounts of money for gadgets. Gadgets that we may never even fully use to their maximum extent. Manufacturers paint these high-end devices so fancily that we end up desiring for more. Started off by Apple, expensive smartphones/gadgets are like dream products for many.

Better hardware and software

We have to agree that over the years, the hardware being used and even the software has exponentially become better. From audio accessories to storage capacity, it feels like everything has developed 10-fold. Components being used are of better quality and new innovations keep coming up. Even the software keeps getting updated every few months with a range of features. Fingerprint sensor, headphones, fast charging, better graphics the list is endless.

Flagship products

Tech market is filled with competition. Hence, each company is producing its own flagship smartphone. Flagship phones have become the deciding factor about the reputation of a company. Better features, new innovations and as powerful as the flagship phone is, better will the company perform. Be it Samsung’s S series or Moto’s Z series, irrespective of big or small, flagship phones not only have high demand but the company’s revenue is based on it.

flagship phones

Growth of mid-tier gadgets

Recent years have shown a steady rise in demand and sale of mid-tier gadgets. With so much competition price has obviously been a huge deciding factor in buying a product. While the big gadgets do have a lot of features packed in them, but the mid-range products do come with almost all of the features at a much more affordable rate. Their quality may not match that of an expensive gadget but for an average person, mid-range products provide more than enough comfort.

With such a high increase in demand for mid-range products, the gap between expensive and mid-tier gadgets has decreased. So, to increase profit, companies increase the price of their already expensive gadgets.

Apple’s Brand value

Apple products have a brand value that just cannot be taken away from them. From their hardware to their software everything screams quality. Even though similar in pricing to Samsung and Nexus, Apple phones have a resale value.So, people are willing to spend extra bucks for buying Apple products. This had automatically led tech giants like Samsung to also invest in the High-end product development.

However, is it worth spending huge amounts of money on these products? Is the experience worth it? I am as comfortable in watching 720×1280 pixels as that in 4k. Even though new features are being added, the last ones seem to be working fine as well. Gaming laptops costing over a lakh rupee, or headphones costing 50k bucks don’t seem like something we as a normal user may use. But I guess the thrill of using such devices at least once may push a person to buy them.

What do you think? Are the expensive gadgets ruling today’s market worth our money?


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