Foldable Samsung Galaxy smartphone expected to arrive in 2019

While everyone is lusting about the new iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 depending on their taste of smartphones, Samsung has gone ahead to get a patent for their latest smartphone and it’s foldable.

Earlier this year rumours started surfacing about Samsung, Microsoft, LG gunning towards smartphone designs for a foldable smartphone. At that time all it was suggested that the devices are being worked upon and they might arrive in 2018 at the earliest if the technology is perfected by then.

Samsung Galaxy X

The latest news, courtesy of PocketNow, there is first real evidence in a long time of that. Yes, there is finally evidence that a truly foldable smartphone not only the display can be made. According to the report, South Korea’s National Radio Agency, which is their smartphone patent agency received a patent application for a smartphone named SM-G888N0. Also, that application said it was for a foldable smartphone. The phone might be called the Samsung Galaxy X or Galaxy foldable at the time of launch. Since the phone is approved to be used in Korea, we can expect it to hit the shelves soon.

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PocketNow’s sources state that the technology required to manufacture these smartphones will become mature only till 2019. So we can expect to see foldable smartphones everywhere in 2019. They also stated the prototyping phase for these devices is expected to begin the upcoming quarter.

Samsung Galaxy X

There is no mention about the device specs or the name or the design or an image. So all we know right now is the technology is possible and we can expect to see it soon.

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