G5, V20, and Nexus 5X phones added to LG bootloop defect class action lawsuit

It started with LG G4 and V10 and now included major LG smartphones from 2015-2016

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 LG’s bootloop issue is no secret. It started with the legendary LG G4 and then grew to V10. Earlier it was thought to be a software issue, as a bootloop(implied) but then was later found out that it involved a particular solder keeping the phone together.
It seems that the LG didn’t anticipate how hot their smartphones can get under intense usage. After several heating and cooling cycles the solder broke off and because of that the connection of the hardware to the PCB was lost. LG admitted the issue was hardware related with the LG G4 and many people were able to get their devices fixed on warranty. Later on the V10 got effected with this issue, and drew more attention than LG had earlier anticipated.
LG had a class-action lawsuit against them due to improper handling of repairs of this issue. Multiple LG device owners talked to a lam firm and explained the whole situation. Some had to send their phone again and again to LG as the problem wasn’t being fixed. Many other owners wondered why their “flawed” smartphone in the law suit.
Yesterday it was announced that other phones such as LG Nexus 5X, V20, and G5 were also included in the lawsuit.

What are your views about such mishandling by LG? Comment down below and let us know.

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