“Giving up is not an option.” My first not so sob-job story.

Expectations. There are a lot of expectations we have, from the food we eat to the friends we have. We expect the most random things possible- irrespective of the fact that they are achievable or not. And I think that it’s the most humane thing to do, like I expect myself to wake up as a sleeping beauty rather than a zombie, unluckily, not all expectations are met.

So, please let me express my astonishment on knowing that I was offered a job as a technical blogger. Now, I am not an expert or anything, but well a few extra bucks never killed anyone so I accepted the job. I had the whole scenario planned out. A post a day, millions of reads, instant popularity the list is endless. However, I was soon awakened by the sweetest-rude wake up call. Writing posts is definitely not easy.


There were so many factors to take look into. So many topics to cover, yet we ran out of topics very frequently. It was a mess. Although I had the most lovable and energetic team to back me up. Learning how to blog was really not easy. People did not read my posts and I made a lot of errors while writing technical ones. Most products were released late at night and we used to wake up till 4 o’ clock in the morning. Each post had to be read 2-3 times, edited and then posted. It was hard work and balancing it with college was a nightmare.

motivational qoute: job

I literally gave up. Honestly, I thought all these bloggers must have some blogging genes or something running in their body. I told my team lead that I am done. It was so not my cup of tea. But my team lead is an angel. Literally as he lectured me about giving up, I could see his white wings and a pretty halo above his head. He told me that if he had given up on his dream, he would never have developed his website.

“Even a mountain takes hundreds and thousands of years to be made, and then it survives for a thousand more. I think it’s fair enough for us to give a few weeks for you to settle down, right? “


That day he did not just motivate me to stay back and work for his website. He taught me that struggle and failures are what lead us to our success. Well, am still no Einstein while writing posts but I think I did clear a few levels in beginner stage.

You really can’t become a millionaire without earning your first rupee. And I think that I just earned my first rupee. My first job, did not just give me the most awesome experience but it also gave me the most valuable lesson. The highway to hell is not that bad, all you need to do is pick your baggage and not give up.

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