Google’s new take on the Social media dating – Shoelace


Social life is not a problem but its an experience of reality. So in the world of antisocial people who don’t find it real anymore, be ready for a new social, though a real network of people named “Shoelace”. Google is about to launch a new network of people after the recent retirement of Google+.

After google’s four former experiments i.e; Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, Google+ to build a social site or platform for the public which unfortunately caved in. Lately, Google+ shut down during April. But now it has come up with Shoelace. Also as the name suggests a shoelace that ties people together is expected to be loved by people.

The concept of a shoelace that makes it unique is that it will purely be based on activities and events happening nearby to your location/city. You will get an update of the same as soon as the event will be decided.
Same as you get updates on Mark Zuckerberg’s social site Facebook, etc. The motto of Shoelace is to “Supercharge your social life” in a more refined way. You will get a chance to meet people who have the same type of interest as yours, with whom you can connect along and that is what compatibility is about overlooking the exceptions. The users are welcomed to take part in various activities and events known as Loops.

One should always explore new people as well as places. And in case of a new city and loneliness, Shoelace is a solution! Hence people who have shifted to new places or cities due to new job or promotion and are willing to explore people can connect on Shoelace.
The aim of the Shoelace, Area 120 as mentioned earlier aims to facilitate the real-world connections. Because nothing can be more erotic than dialogue or conversations & that too in-person.

Trials in life are not meant to make us fail, but to see how far we can fly. Even our online prime times and Netflix have a trial period for a month, alike Shoelace is also having a trial in New York. This site is being launched at a smaller scale by the developers soon. Hoping to get positive reviews and responses for Shoelace as personally, I will surely want to try it as soon as possible.

This new platform is open on an invite-only basis. It has collaborated with few communities, willing people can get the codes from there.
If not people, then devices are too standing poles apart i.e. Apple iOS device vs Android device.

Shoelace which not only bring living beings together but it brings non-living too. Shoelace will also be available in apps in both iOS and Android devices. Hope this site will bring a big change in the mindset and lives of people who aren’t too comfortable in being overly social yet are trying to step out of their comfort zones.


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