IFCN launched facts checking bot for COVID-19 on WhatsApp


IFCN is the code of principle of the ” International facts checking network” at Poynter is a series of commitments organization excellence in fact-checking. Now IFCN Bot has been introduced by WhatsApp to prevent from the fake rumour about a certain event or situation that can harm the society. They have said that “WhatsApp cares deeply about the safety of our users and we continue to focus or prevent misinformation. If the information you receive sounds suspicious or inaccurate, we encourage you to double-check the information at, +1(727)2912606.

Options available on the Bot

Send “hi” on WhatsApp bot/chat group and wait for an automated message to come back. this service is a 24*7 service source so you can check your information there. Then the message will be delivered from which the user has to choose from the given option such as,

  • Search for facts checks
  • Latest facts checks
  • Tips to fight misinformation
  • Find facts-checkers near me
  • About IFCN Bot
  • Privacy

When you Type – 1:

It is about to search for fact checks so, then you have sent a sentence or keyword about the fact to the bot. for example, you have written clove or in a sentence as “can keeping clove prevent COVID-19?”. When you have entered your information then the IFCN will check it’s a database about that new and then sends you the most relevant article or information about it.

When you Type – 3:

Typing 3 will tell you the ways to fight from the misinformation spreading around, like cross-check your message or the news from google as there as plenty of images, videos, etc. that can give you the right information. It is wisely said that”trust the scientist before the politician” as you can just see the facts and then decide rather the just believing what people say.

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When you Type – 4:

It is to check the fact cracker near me. IFCN is linked with 12 organizations within India so it is capable to identify the cracker from its country mobile code and then forwarded to the nearby fact-checking organizations. As there is various false information there is a tool that can provide us with the right information.

When you Type – 5: Information about IFCN

The IFCN is currently available in English but also supports different languages Hindi, Spanish, French, and so on. Poynter instituted have IFCN data from more than 80 fast – checking organization from 74 countries. IFCN has identified 4000 hoaxes on novel coronavirus but still regulates it’s facts on COVID-19 on daily bases.

Some of our viewpoints

IFCN has developed a great tool with their IFCN Bot for the WhatsApp, where you can fact check loads and loads of rumours and news floating around us. With being on WhatsApp, they can reach a very big community and help in determining real news and concerns.






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