IGTV ads: New revenue source for Instagram influencers

Instagram has come up with a new source of income for Influencer i.e IGTV ADS. Earlier it introduced a feature of Ads between stories which was a highly appreciated feature by users. Although they already had enabled a feature of helping business groups to collaborate with popular users for the publicity of their products.

igtv ads


The company on Wednesday has introduced this new feature of advertisements on IGTV. This will help in increasing the market via mobile video content. Influencers have increased their followers on Instagram using IGTV platform.

It will help online video-makers to earn money as their video will be used as an Ad on IGTV. The creator will be getting 55 percent of revenue on their video.

This was a much-awaited feature to be released by Instagram. Earlier Facebook had released a similar feature for influencers to earn form their subscribers.  This feature gained popularity on several other platforms like on YouTube, Patreon and live streaming video gaming service, Twitch, which have started their subscription to earn from their fanbase.

IGTV Ads Highlights

IGTV ads

1. Three levels of price point;

The Chief Operating Officer of the company Mr.Justin Osofsky said that the product will be selling as three price points. The price points will be -$0.99,$1.99, and $4.99, and more for next month. He mentioned that the company will not take a percentage of the sale made

2. Subscription;

There is no subscription for the exclusive content. Hence, it is free for everyone to use.

3. Attracting content creators;

The company is not planning to attract licensed original content creators towards the platform with the initiative, although it has started helping a small number of content creators their production.

Osofsky also mentioned that they are trying to test out this direct contribution model between people and creators and then they’ll see what makes sense to evolve.




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