Restriction on Imported TV: Boost to Make in India

Ever since the Lockdown 2.0’s speech by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the self-reliance. The Indian government seems to be proactive about it, Thus bringing back the Make in India into the headlines.  With Chinese and Indian relations appearing to go south,  India seems to be focused on getting its industrial base stronger.  With the restriction on Imported TV, India is giving a boost to domestic producers.

Restriction on Imported TV


Made in India drive was an initiative by the PM of India Mr.  Narender Modi to promote the domestic industry and reduce imports. Initially, it started at a slow speed, but this time due to these pandemic situations and fall out of a few international relations it seems to get an actual boost.

Restriction on Imported TV sets

Government decision

India has a high domestic demand for electronics, one of the highest in the world, and its television imports were worth $780 million in 2019 (roughly Rs. 5844 cr ) by ICEA. Therefore the government has put up this restriction on the suggestion of the Chairman of Indian Celluar and Electronics Associaton (ICEA). As Mr. Pankaj Mohindroo had said that, “we have sufficient manufacturing capacity in India and therefore imports of CBU.s (complete built units) are not necessary. He also added that ” we are losing precious jobs because of unabated imports”.

With context to this, the government has also restricted the import of tires across categories of pneumatics and radials used in buses and motorcycles.

Brands that will face the restriction

This restriction will mainly affect two that are Samsung and Xiaomi. Both companies are foreign brands from South Korea and China and have a huge consumer in Indian. Although they made the bulk of their TV’s for the Indian markets locally through contracted manufactured. But the companies import some high-end television models.

Whereas, Japan’s Sony makes 99 percent of its TV for the Indian market locally so it will not be affected by the restriction.

Moreover when reports asked the opinions of the companies in which Samsung didn’t reply. But Xiaomi has said that 85 percent of the television production was in India.



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