Instagram will notify people when someone takes screenshot of their stories.

The glory days of stalking your crush on social media might just be taking a dark turn. People have blamed Instagram repeatedly for copying Snapchat to a point where Snapchat seems pointless. But they have gone even further and are reported will roll out a new feature with the future update that will alert the user when someone takes a screenshot or screen recording of their Insta Stories.


This step is taken to enhance the security of the user. The feature will essentially put a Star-shaped icon next to handle of the people who have taken the screenshot or recording of your stories. The said icon will appear in Story view section where you can access the stats on one’s stories. For Initial first time, Instagram will warn you the first time you take a screenshot of someone else’s story. Which means the first time you take a screenshot or record the screen you will be spared of the star icon.

Last month, the news was reported by TheNextWeb that Instagram is working on this feature which could be rolled out soon. Reports read, ” That said, it does cut you some slack – it won’t notify users of a first offence but will do so after your second strike.  Similar to this Instagram introduced a similar feature back in November where if someone took a screenshot of your Direct message (DMs), Instagram will notify you.

Instagram is also testing a new ‘Regram’ feature, reported by TechCrunch. It will basically act similar to the share or retweet feature similar to Facebook and Twitter.


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