Microsoft to discontinue Internet explorer: End of an Era

Microsoft discontinuing all their existing web browser which includes Internet Explorer and Legacy Edge browser all together. The most popular web browser which comes pre-installed in every windows operated device will not be around for long. All new Chromium Based Edge browsers will replace the current browsers, With new laptops to be bundled with new browser from fall.

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Internet Explorer, though the 11th edition still holds the nostalgic experience for every person who has used Computer in early 2000s. While the latest edition of the web browser was mocked to be just used for installing another browser. The experience of the old browser would be missed.  They are planning to discontinued IE 11 from November 30. Whereas the legacy edge browser will last till next year and then be replaced with the Chromium-based Edge browser.

This preview is available on Microsoft Windows and macOS devices.

Phase-out period of Internet Explorer 11

Company’s word

According to the time-table posted by the official blogging page, it mentioned that Microsoft Web Team will no longer support the IE11 from 30/11/2020. It also added that the Microsoft 365 apps and services will not support this browser form 17/8/2021.

Apart from all this, the company has said that the IE11 will not be completely demolished form the market. They mentioned that “Consumers have made a business-critical investment in IE11 legacy apps and we respect that those apps are still functioning”. Though they are planning to get all its existing consumers to the latest Microsoft Edge. It will also include the new browser capable of performing fast and more responsive web access.

Other changes by the company

Apart from the IE11, they are also planning to discontinue the Legacy Edge browser on March 2021. The legacy Edge browser is based on the properties of the EdgeHTML engine instead of the open-source Chromium project. It means that after the given date, there won’t be any new security update for the legacy Edge browser.

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