Apple brings iOS 14 update for iPhones: Indian scripts included

Apple’s iOS system is one of the most used and liked the operating system in the world after Android. It is mainly the reason for creating the hype of the iPhone in the market than other phones. IOS is developed by Apple and installed in all the Apple devices.  Apple has brought forward the new iOS 14.

iOS 14

This update will be available on the iPhone and iPod touch as per the Worldwide Developer Conference conducted by the company. The new software update will be having some Indian centric features as the e-mails can be composed in Indian script. The Apple user who uses iPhone after 6s series can only avail of this update.

Feature in iOS 14 update:-

1. Update in Font documents;

The company has mentioned in the conference that the new iOS update will be having 20 more font document and upgraded 18 existing font. So, it will provide great writing experience to the user.  Also, the updates also include a full-screen message feature for 23 Indian scripts to be written on. Therefore from this update, you name to wish your relative in the language you wanted to.

2. Update in Siri;

Apple has also updated its voice assistant feature, Siri, with new UI and translation. The Cupertino-based tech giant mentioned that Siri can translate 65 languages worldwide. Whereas in India it could only convert English speeches to Spanish, so from the new update is accepted to be improved. Furthermore Siri’s previous update on iOS 13 last year has provided the user to change the setting for search and voice of Siri.

3. More Updates;

Through this update, Apple has provided a feature for composing e-mails with Indian scripts also. The company has mentioned that that user can now download and stream from the cellular network on Apple TV +. Side by side the company is also adding the picture in picture support and a translate app. The new update by the company will improve the messaging quality by adding Memoji that has one emoji that will support facemask.

The beta update of the new iOS will be available from late July and the official update will come in late September with the launch of iPhone 12 series.

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