Are the iPhones overpriced or are they worth their price?

It has been 10 years since the launch of iPhone. Ten years of unbowed excellence. And this year Apple is launching iPhone 8, celebrating its 10 victorious years. Having/owning an iPhone is a status symbol in itself and that is the brand value that Apple has gained over the years. iPhones are known to be crazy expensive and people still are excited to buy them. But are these phones worth our money? Are iPhones really worth the hype?

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Well, the first reason why Apple prices its phone so high is because it develops both the hardware and the software. Unlike its competitors like Samsung, who develop their handset and run on Google’s Android, Apple develops its phone completely on its own. From developing both hardware and software to integrating them. They even make their own processors.

Brand value

Over the years, iPhones have garnered themselves so much attention that Apple has priced them in that range. It helps Apple gain a lot of profit especially from markets like India and US. They have established themselves as a major player in making high-end products that help them garner high marginal profits. This seems to have worked well for Apple as it is the most profitable product in recent times.

are iPhones worth their price tag?


iPhones are a by-product of a lot of research and investment and as a result, they are pretty good devices. Security is a top priority, they don’t lag and offer many features. An Apple product runs for a long time and generally tend to be a one-time investment.


Even though I have mentioned it before, but the one place where iPhone cannot be beaten has to be its security features. Apple’s security team have upped their ability by making the phone more secure and private. Stolen iPhones are difficult to resell due to their Apple ID. There is really less number of iPhones as compared to Android phones hence making it a less target.

Overall, Apple designs iPhone only for the higher-end market and it has been able to give a good competition at that price range. From its design to its features, an iPhone boasts a lot of work. It seems that having a high price tag for iPhone does seem pretty justified.


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