LG launch its dual camera flagship V30 in IFA 2017

Lg, the lost smartphone giant. Announced their flagship for the current year LG V30. The smartphone has all the top features of this year. Including full body infinity display, dual camera, and latest android.

lg v30

The smartphone is positive on all the negatives of G6.



Lg display

The LG v30 has a full body bezel less display called as LG full vision tech. Which is a gorgeous 6-inch OLED display tuned at 2,880 x 1,440. While it stills have leftover of bezels at the ends and the sides of the smartphone. The aspect ratio of the display is 18:9 which is quite similar to every bezel less display phone available.


Under the hood, the LG V3o features Snapdragon 835, which is making the first appearance in the LG. The processor is paired with 4GB of RAM.This phone will be considerably fast with speedy reaction time and fast pace even when loading up intensive games or the camera app’s unique and new abilities. The phone is packed with 3030mah battery not removable.


The LG V30’s main rear-facing camera is a dual lens.
One is a 16MP camera which boasts an impressive f/1.6 aperture. Which is expected to capture images with high-level low-light photography. Additionally, this lens is covered is glass, not plastic, which LG says boosts the transmittance of light and details.

Lg camera
The other lens takes care of the wide-angle shots and is improved to 13MP and a f/1.9 aperture, both of which build upon the V20’s lesser 8MP wide-angle lens that had an aperture value of f/2.4.

Second screen?

The Lg V series exclusive feature of the second screen is missing this time. The V30 changes that staple hardware feature into a software touch called Floating Bar.

The second screen might be gone, but it’s still here in spirit.

Price and Availablity

V-series of LG wasn’t currently available entire globe. it was limited to parts of US, Australia, and Asia. But this phone may increase the supply towards other states of the world. Extending global reach.

As for the price, LG hasn’t shared that information just yet. The LG V20 debuted for a rather costly $799 (AU$1,099), so the V30 is likely to follow suit.

Image source – The Verge

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