Netflix subscriptions for Rs 249 per month in India

Netflix currently offers subscription in India from Rs 500 to Rs 800 per month. Which lead to a dip in the sales of its last quarter, which is also possible because of the current market competition from Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar. Hotstar and Prime Video cost less than Rs 299 per month each. India being the country with the cheapest 4G plan, a lower price could lead to a large number of subscriptions.

Netflix India

The Rs 249 Netflix subscription is expected to be Mobile-only offering single screen at standard definition. The other subscriptions are expected to remain as usual. Rs 500 plan offering single screen at SD, Rs 600 plan offering single screen at HD and Rs 800 plan offer four screens at HD. Although the Rs 800 plan for 4 screens still seems a better deal out of all.

Netflix Indian content

Netflix has been active while producing Indian content. Last year also got a rave response to its original Sacred games which have Bollywood’s A-list stars as cast. Other content such as 2-3 movies casting Radhika Apte as the lead and 1-2 with Vicky Kaushal as the lead was also released.

As per the reports, “The investment can easily grow up to $1 billion (about Rs. 7,102 crores) by the middle of the next decade, by 2025,” Constantinos Papavassilopoulos, a principal research analyst at IHS Markit, who tracks the TV market in 22 countries including India

“We’ve been seeing nice steady increases in engagement with our Indian viewers that we think we can keep building on. Growth in that country is a marathon, so we’re in it for the long haul,” Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said. This statement clarifies the approach Netflix may be opting for. The companies real aim is to raise the numbers now So that they stand strong in the long run.

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