New All Controller works with any device!

We all know finding the right kind of controller is a bit messy. Also for every console you need a new one. This just makes the situation worse. Also these things aren’t cheap. They cost around $100 each. Making the process of owning multiple consoles a mess and not to mention a bit expensive to maintain.

All Controller

This paved the way to All Controller. A controller which claims to be compatible and working perfectly with all consoles. Even PC and mobile devices. It also supports button mapping/mouse and keyboard mode for those PC games. As far the connectivity goes it supports all in that direction too. Bluetooth, USB even wireless dongles. A All rounder all can be said.

The device also has macro support and fully customizable buttons and all for a truly unique experience. If that excites you then this is a device for you.

Right now the all controller is available for just $55 on Kickstarter. Head there now to get yourself one. But beware, its just a kickstarter. It might not be as good as advertised and will not ship before March 2018.

So who is getting themselves a all controller? Let us know in the comments down below!

Lalit Wadhwa

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