Victoria Park Have Increased Highway Overpass

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Beneath the imposing State Highway One overpass in Victoria Park, located in the heart of downtown Auckland, a subdued ambiance prevails. The bridge provides shelter from the rain, its flat concrete surface serving as an impromptu gathering spot. Against this urban backdrop, the nocturnal panorama of the Sky Tower bestows a breathtaking spectacle.

Even during damp, wintry evenings, the Auckland Armbenders often find themselves sharing this bustling park with a diverse array of performers – fire dancers, bagpipers, and basketball enthusiasts. Occasionally, passersby, intrigued by the unusual sight, inquire about their peculiar activity and express interest in joining.

“In the summertime, it’s an exceptional location,” remarks Matt Scarfe. “We frequently encounter rugby players strolling by, eager to test their strength, only to be astounded when a relatively diminutive 70kg Asian individual successfully restrains them. It’s a rather humbling experience.”

Welcome to the clandestine realm of competitive arm-wrestling, where possessing formidable biceps does not guarantee triumph. Enthusiasts liken this sport to a strategic game akin to chess, the finesse of ju-jitsu, and the intricacies of geometry.

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