Nokia 216 announced; Possibly the last ever Nokia

The Nokia 216 launched in India

In a surprise turn of events Microsoft unveiled a new “Nokia” branded feature phone which might be the last ever Nokia device ever launched.
The Nokia fans were expecting a new phone Nokia 5320 powered by android and leaks hinted to that but Microsoft had other plans in mind. The Nokia 216 feature phone was unveiled my microsoft running on a Series 30+ operating system.

Few months ago the Microsoft which announced that it will be selling its Nokia feature phone division to FIH Mobile, a subdivision of Foxconn; decided to take another shot at milking what turned out to be a very unproductive cash cow.

The Nokia 216 doesn’t look like a phone aimed at the major countries but rather at the developing nations like India. Just for the sake of it the Nokia 216 comes with a 2.4 inch display bashing a  320×240 pixel resolution, 16MP RAM, 0.3 MP camera both front and rear and a 1020mAh battery.
Just not the type of phone to play games on. Definitely reminds us of the era of feature phone also referred to as Dumb phones now a days. If you are looking for a device just to make phone calls and forget to charge it all the time Nokia 216 is the device for you. Offering basic functionality like phone calls, messaging, playing music and browsing internet on 2.5G(if you can :p) it is a pretty good looking device.

The Nokia 216 comes in three colors Black, White and Teal and have a front and back camera
The Nokia 216 comes in three colors namely Black, White and Teal. At the moment the price is not announced but looking at the previous Nokia feature phones it sure is gonna be affordable.
What do you think guys? Is it a strategic move to bring back the Nokia brand name or just a good way to say Good-Bye and pay respects to Nokia? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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