OnePlus 5 Speedtest 6 GB vs 8 GB

Recently, OnePlus launched it’s newest flagship or to say a flagship killer OnePlus 5. OnePlus was launched in 2 variants a 6 GB RAM and a 8 GB RAM variants. The 8 GB was mighty fast when tested against the iPhone 7 Plus.

This time we have got the Speed test between the 2 variants of OnePlus 5

The video shows, the load time on both 8 GB + 128 GB and the 6 GB + 64 GB are very similar. Both are extremely fast and fluid when freshly opening the apps and it’s mostly hard to tell them apart from a few instances when the 6 GB lags behind.

When testing multitasking or loading the apps once again from memory, both responded quite fast, although with apps like Amazon and eBay, the 6GB variant had to refresh the page a bit. On a second try (and with one additional game), the 6GB variant started reloading a number of apps all over again while the 8GB model had all the apps intact in memory. Despite that, both the models managed to keep a large number of apps in memory which is impressive.

To review

Oneplus 5

Both devices are quite fast and transition between apps is smooth, and both the 6 GB and 8 GB variant handles gaming and music playback quiet smoothly. There is not a huge difference between the 2 variants. Both devices are matched equally and there are little areas where the 6 GB variant lacks. But a Rs. 5,000 difference between the two variants, makes the 6 GB variant a more preferred choice.


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