Oneplus officially announced Snapdragon 835 for Oneplus 5

Oneplus, just a few weeks back announced that they are planning to skip no.4 and head to number 5. Of their smartphone franchise the Oneplus series. It was already confirmed that the phone will have a super high 8Gb RAM and was speculated to have Snapdragon 835. But, now it’s official that the phone will have Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Qualcomm announced, as well as leaked on their official twitter handle about the Smartphone’s Chipset. Moreover, the chipset is the top of the line chipset produced by the firm for the smartphones.

oneplus 5


The Chipset is set to power a beast within a phone. The smartphone already has an 8Gb RAM, with this being a surplus in RAM. The phone will have a very smooth experience of power, how fast is the interaction with opening and closing of apps and touch latency will be the things to watch out for.

Oneplus 5: marketing strategy

Oneplus, is about to play a very big move is the market. It is about to shut down the sales of the current flagship Oneplus 3T from all the online vending places. From June 1, until the launch of the new phone, there would not be any oneplus mobile on the sale.
This clearly speaks about, that they want to provide the best thing to their customer. That they miss out an opportunity of getting the newer one, in the laps of 1-2 weeks.

Price and Availability

The smartphone is expected to be launched in the mid week of June(summer launch). The price is although expected to be similar to the previous generation.  Also, the Oneplus 3T is about to be removed from the market. So it hints Oneplus 5 being in the same price bracket.

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