OnePlus announces 3 years of Android update for their devices, 5G capable smartphones from 2019 onwards

OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone giant which is leading flagship market for quite a certain period. The last three phones were very well received despite the price hike from traditional pricing. Also, the firm is touted for timely update of their flagship and forgetting about the previous generation.


While other smartphone firms are still in jeopardy of an update on their 2-year-old flagship. Oneplus announces 3 years of a guaranteed software update.

Conditions Apply

While Software updates will continue for 3 years. But there might not be an upgrade in Android version but the securities will be updated for the span of 3 years. This suggests that 3-year old Oneplus 3 will not receive any more android update and will keep on receiving the Security update for another year.

5G smartphone series from 2019

Oneplus officially announced that their smartphone range starting in 2019 will be 5G capable. The 5G capable Oneplus lineup starting from OnePlus 7 onwards. The fastest mobile network which will start roll -out in India by 2022, was earlier announced by Ericsson in MWC 2017.

5G in India

The first series of tests began in the second half of 2017 and placed India on par with other developed countries in terms of 5G network and application deployment. The program focused on delivering research, innovation and industrial pilots that use next-generation 5G networks as an enabler. It has helped initiate cross-industry research collaborations focused on the integration of ICT in industrial processes, as well as products and services.

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