Oppo unveils Under screen camera and MeshTalk technology

Oppo recently teased the under screen camera on their twitter account. Now in a conference in China Oppo unveiled the technology, which helps them achieve this form of Full-vision display. Both Xiaomi and Oppo teased their technology earlier but only Oppo has addressed its new technology.

Oppo Under screen camera

Not Only the firm addressed the under screen camera technology but also addressed the Meshtalk technology. By use of which the phone can call or send messages, even if the phone has no signal on it.

Under Screen Camera technology

The Chinese company reveals that the latest development works with a customised camera module that sits under an enhanced translucent panel material to capture selfies from the display panel.

Using the Under-Screen Camera technology, Oppo claims that users would get an immersive screen viewing experience along with the ability to take selfies, use face unlock, and make videos calls. The company has designed the customised camera module that is claimed to capture more light using a zoning control feature along with the “highly-transparent” material. This enables transmittance of light through the screen.

Meshtalk technology

Oppo unveiled MeshTalk that is claimed to enable communications without using any cellular networks and Wi-Fi within three kilometres. The proprietary decentralised communications technology is claimed to enable the transmission of texts, voice messages, and real-time voice calls between Oppo phones. It also allows multiple devices to create ad hoc local area networks (LAN) and enable group chats as well as expand communication range via a signal relay

Oppo has customised the communication chipset to make way for MeshTalk technology. The new offering is also expected to realise more comprehensive applications in extreme environments and for emergency conditions.


There hasn’t been any official word on devices with these capability launching soon or not. But we expect the under screen camera tech to arrive in the last quarter this year and Meshtalk might be launched with Oppo’s R-series smartphone launch this year.

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