Report: Galaxy Note FE launching on July 7 with Bixby on board

Galaxy Note 7

Remember the phone which went by the name of Samsung Galaxy Note 7? The same one that spontaneously caught fire and, in one case, even destroyed someone’s car? The refurbished version of the phablet was to be relaunched by Samsung.  At-least that was the speculation. Samsung now confirmed the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note FE, the Refurbished Note 7.

According to a report by Etnews, the smartphone will go on sale in South Korea on July 7. Samsung was apparently going to launch it by the end of the month but pushed backed the date. Also the number of units to be sold was bumped up to 450,000 from 150,000. The Galaxy Note FE will be available at all three major carriers in South Korea.

In addition to the release date, the report also claims that the Galaxy Note FE will have Bixby on board. If the report is true, this will be the second device to carry the Bixby, first one being the  Galaxy S8. Although that being said, it wont have a dedicated Bixby button, which not everyone loved.

Although the price will be less than the original Galaxy Note 7, it wont be cheap either. According to the report, it will retail between 740,000 and 760,000 won (~₹42,000). The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was launched for 988,900 won when released in South Korea, which is around ~₹57,000.

So what do you think about the Galaxy Note  FE? Will you buy it? Let us know in the comments down below!

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