Samsung bringing out S8: Will they redeem themselves?

Samsung recently witnessed the greatest debacle of this century because of its recent flagship Galaxy Note 7, the phone came into market as top smartphone from the company but had to leave because it turned itself into a bomb. Due to some technical issues, it went blasting off the market and now its production has been suspended.

In the midst of all this,rumors fly for the flagship device Galaxy S8 which is scheduled to come a bit (month) early, to safeguard the company’s position and reputation .The phone is expected to be launched during MWC(mobile world congress) in 2017.

The latest leaks suggest that 2 different screen sizes , both with their edge technology

having a 4K resolution combined with a dual-lens camera for the bigger of the two and a single lens shooter for the smaller of the two. An iris scanner is also looking more likely. these features look familiar , as they were rumored a lot back but now these look more evident as the resources which leaked this information are trustworthy as hell.

As this time it’s an anonymous official from one of Samsung’s part suppliers that is making the claim, in a conversation with the Korea Herald.

Doubling it up for suppliers

According to a latest report, the debacle of the Note 7 has actually made these features more evident, as doubling up of camera lenses will allow Samsung to help its part suppliers make up for lost earnings caused by Note 7.

Similarly, including an iris scanner will provide work for the company that would have supplied the Note 7’s iris scanner to Samsung. Also to mention Samsung will surely bring this technology, as this technology wasn’t able to have a proper flagship outing.
Also this tech deserves second outing in market.

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