Samsung now lets you disable the Bixby Button

Samsung’s half baked smart assistant Bixby somehow found its way to the otherwise perfect phone the Samsung Galaxy S8. Although bloatware is nothing new, it also had a dedicated physical button for itself. Unsurprisingly this feature also found it way with the same persistent button onto the Note 8.  Whats more was Samsung stopped all attempts to disable or remap the Bixby button.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

This morning, reports came of a update to the S8 which let users disable the button’s functionality. This was confirmed by Samsung itself. If enabled the button can be used to open Bixby hub on a press and Bixby voice on press and hold. When disabled the button does nothing whatsoever. It stands there with no use, like a structural flaw. Samsung let users disable it but still no method to remap the button for other actions.

Although Samsung disabled the Bixby button it hasn’t disabled the software itself. Arriving late to the smart mobile assistants party, Samsung is trying to make it up to Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google. The remapping functionality still disabled means the Samsung will re-enable the button once the Bibxy is ready for roll-out with all its features. This makes the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and the Note 8 just a mere testing ground for the assistant.

In order for Samsung to make it count in the already existing market it needs to hit the ground hard with something entirely new which it hasn’t been able to do. Maybe that’s why the button was disabled to let the assistant be developed completely before using a dedicated button for that.

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Of, course a dedicated smart assistant button is not restricted to Samsung only. Apple with the iPhone X, with absence of a physical home button made power button as a Siri launcher when held down for a short period of time. That’s a different thing of doubling up a button for something like this instead of dedicating  a button for itself like the Samsung.

This is definitely not over and there will be updates soon.

So what do you think of a dedicated Bixby Button? Let us know in the comments down below!

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