Samsung smart speaker ‘Vega’ with Bixby Announcing soon

Samsung electronics, leader of the mobile market around the globe. Has recently tipped that the smart speaker from the company may be coming soon. Bixby, the companies new tech. Rival to Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Bixby Speaker

Bixby confirmation

DJ Koh, mobile division president. Openly admitted that the company is still working on such the device and might even announce it soon, but leaves the door open for a lot more possibilities.
There may be Bixby or a better-refined version of Smart speaker, which may sync with all their other devices.

Bixby in Smartphone

Samsung recently invested in the new technology.

Bixby in phone

Samsung has done its best to make Bixby stand out and seem different. Instead of just asking for directions, cinema times and weather reports, you can ask Bixby to change settings on your Samsung phone.

Google Assistant can change certain settings as well, but as Samsung will know more about the hardware of the devices using The new tech than anyone else, so its assistant is poised to offer deeper control.

How soon?

Samsung Bixby

Apparently not true, if Koh’s words are to be believed. He says that he is already “working on it”, which doesn’t exactly give us a clue when a possible announcement will be made other than “soon”.

But soon, may not be that far. The smart speaker will be available by the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S9. The smart speaker will be linked and may have a added advantage over the  Presently available Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple Homepad.

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