Sega brings classic arcade games to mobile with Sega Forever

Sega, the patent owner of Sonic games family. Is planning to bring the old school classic games, for the Fans of the classic console. The company announced today its plans to launch a new mobile games strategy called Sega Forever, starting with five games that will be released for free on Android and iOS, with in-game ads.

Sega forever

The starting five games will be:

  • 1991’s Sonic The Hedgehog
  • classic RPG Phantasy Star II
  • beat ‘em up Comix Zone
  • platformer Kid Chameleon
  • Sega Mega Drive pack-in game Altered Beast.

If you want to ditch the in-game ads, that’s also possible with a $1.99 in-app purchase. All of the games in the Sega Forever collection will have mobile friendly features such as Cloud Save, leaderboards and Classic controls.

The Sega Forever collection will add new free games about every two weeks and will have titles from the Sega Universe, including the Saturn and even the Dreamcast. Sega Forever is supposed to officially launch on June 22, but it appears like four of the five games that are supposed to be included for its debut are already live in the Google Play Store for free. The exception is Sonic, which still shows a $2.99 price tag. Hopefully, within a few hours, this might turn free.



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