Sony launches newer generation of Headphones and Speaker in India

Sony, a popular Japanese firm. With a portfolio of electronic consumer goods, From Tv to mobile phone to Laptops. Sony has the solution to all the needs. From last decade Sony has made itself to be the pioneer in the Speaker market. WIth ranging from top quality in-ear earphones to Wireless Speakers to Home theatres.


Sony India today introduced its headphone series and EXTRA BASS™ wireless speaker line-up for 2018. The headphones series is designed to offer stunningly premium and refined sound. To address the growing demand, Sony has further enhanced its EXTRA BASS™ wireless speakers line-up that will complement the consumer’s musical style quotient with its unique feature.

Wireless Speakers

The new speaker series are designed to sustain and focus on “deep bass” & “punchy bass”, which perfectly exhibits bass heavy music such as the popular music genres of EDM, grime and hip-hop. One can also give the party an additional boost with the new DSP (Digital Signal Processor), which achieves a LIVE SOUND mode. Creating a three-dimensional music experience, the LIVE SOUND mode will make the user feel as if they are in the middle of a music festival with singers performing live in the room. With the LIVE SOUND mode on, one can feel the sound spreading both vertically and horizontally.

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With Ip67 rating, the speakers are Splashproof, Dustproof and Rustproof. Made with fabric ditching plastic for more natural sound. Party lights enhanced 2.5 times the previous year model. Also, change in dimension for the better sound experience.

Sony speakers can now connect up to 100 different speakers together via Bluetooth. One can fill a room or build a wall to create a vast EXTRA BASS™ sound experience. All speakers attribute easy, one-touch connectivity and music streaming with NFC and Bluetooth® compatibility.


With more and More Smartphones ditching the Headphone jack. Sony brings in the enhanced sound quality experience for Wirless. With the new Entire range in being Wirless.


With WF-SP700N, Touted as the truly wireless earphones.

wireless WF-SP700N headphones which combine, for the first time in the world, two features one needs most when working out: digital noise cancelling technology to block out the chaos around you for focus on your training, and a Splash-proof design.

Sony’s Noise Cancelling technology lets the user concentrate and zone in to the training, in the noisy environment of a gym with machines banging and people talking, so one can enjoy music clearly on the treadmill. On the other hand, if one is exercising outside, the user can just turn on the Ambient Sound mode to stay aware of the surrounding sounds. Meanwhile back in the gym, this Ambient Sound mode also lets user hear necessary workout-related sounds. These headphones also offer the famous Sony EXTRA BASS™ sound too that combined with noise cancelling will give one a deeper, punchier bass edge to focus on enhancing the performance. The companion Sony Headphones Connect app allows to tailor the EQ settings.

the WI-SP600N and the WI-SP500

Sony brings out two standard wireless in-ear models, to offer a range of sports headphones. The WI-SP600N model has the same digital noise cancelling and sound quality technology as the WF-SP700N, plus the same level splash-proof rating. With this pair, one can keep listening for up to approximately 6 hours. Their compact earpieces are connected by a discreet band that sits behind the neck and they feature arc supporters which are based on the ergonomics of the ear, to ensure both flexibility and a secure fit. One can train for longer with the WI-SP500 with approximately eight hours of battery life on one full charge – and once finished, simply pop them with the carrying holder. These headphones have specially-designed, ergonomic and grippy earbuds with rubber dimples.

Over the Ear

Sony India has also introduced three more models namely WH-CH400, WI-C300 and WH-CH500 headphones, with which one can simply touch select NFC-enabled devices to the on-body N-mark for a quick, seamless connection, then start streaming content over a Bluetooth® wireless connection. The WH-CH400 and WH-CH500 provides up to 20 hours of continuous, wireless music playback, while the WH-CH300 battery last up to 8 hours delivering a holistic sound experience.

Smarter experience with Google Assistant

Sony’s new headphones will be optimised for the Google Assistant with an update. One can ask questions and tell it to do things, it’s always ready to help. The assistant can help the user get things done, listen to music, hear the incoming messages, make calls and more. Additionally, both the wireless headphones WH-CH400 and WH-CH500 allows conversation to flow freely with easy hands-free calling owing to its built-in microphone.

Price And Availability



Model Best Buy Availability Colours
SRS-XB41 Rs. 13,990 16th April onwards Black, Blue
SRS-XB31 Rs. 9,990 16th April onwards Black, Blue, Red
SRS-XB21 Rs. 7,990 16th April onwards Black, Blue, Red, White


Model Best Buy Availability Colors
WF-SP700N Rs. 12,990 15th May, 2018 Black, Yellow
WI-SP600N Rs. 9,990 15th May, 2018 Black
WI-SP500 Rs. 4,990 16th April, 2018 Black
WI-C300 Rs. 2,990 16th April, 2018 Black, Blue, Red, White
WH-CH400 Rs. 3,790 16th April, 2018 Black, Blue
WH-CH500 Rs. 4,990 15th May, 2018 Black, Blue

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