Specs surface for a possible new Nexus device “Marlin”

There have been rumors surfacing now for a while about
the next offering from the Nexus and the company making it, HTC are going to
launch 2 smartphones, smaller offering is reportedly being called “Sailfish”
and its bigger brother is going to be called “Marlin”. Until yesterday there
were no specs to report.
This leak comes via Android Police, who have gathered
these specs from an unspecified source. Normally we don’t expect to hear
official word from Google until September, and that month is still far enough
away that any leaks at this early date should be taken with a grain of salt.
Nevertheless, here’s what the HTC Marlin will reportedly look like under the
hood, but bear in mind that these specs may be inaccurate or subject to change.
HTC are going to be manufacturing the new Nexus devices
Nexus Marlin
There are claims that the specs leaked are 90 percent
accurate but no official claims have been made.
Render for Nexus device by HTC
for the Marlin
  • Quad-core Qualcomm processor
  • 5.5” QHD ( 2560x 1440) AMOLED display
  •  USB-C Port
  • 12 MP Rear camera, 8 MP front camera
  • Rear – mounted fingerprint scanner
  •  4 GB RAM
  •  3450 mAh Battery
  • Bottom – firing speakers
  • 32/128 GB storage
  • Bluetooth 4.2 

Interestingly HTC has dropped the 64GB variant and only
comes 2 offerings 32 and 128 GB.
It could be the case that market research has shown that
the lower and upper storage variants are chosen more frequently than
middle-of-the-road storage, so the company has decided to ditch it.
It might be the case that the Sailfish will be offered
with the same storage options. If this is true, then the only real differences
between Sailfish and Marlin will be size, battery capacity, and resolution.
Buyers might be swayed by preference in smartphone size or differences in price
between the two devices, a detail we not able to speculate just now.
We will keep you updated as more information regarding
the Nexus devices comes out.

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12 Responses

  1. Eric Schmidt says:

    3450 mAh Battery !
    seriously 5.5 inch qhd display , are they gonna promote their powerbank with their new crap .

  2. Shiv Longani says:

    Dont worry.There are rumors of google launching their phone wit h their own hardware as google stated "they want more control over the design and hardware". And trust me google will bring justice to the phone.

  3. sukhad says:

    I think HTC would do a better job with the manufacturing of the phone than the Google will right now, but both the companies could have done this one quite brilliantly, but this is just down right average.

  4. Shiv Longani says:

    Aren't you guys forgetting something?
    Nexus phones are average phones from the beginning. They are made for development purposes and are always cheap. Launching a high end nexus devices would kill the main purpose of the nexus lineup.

  5. sukhad says:

    Last Nexus devices have at least been on par with the flagship devices of other companies but now OnePlus are just way better than Nexus in this market.

  6. sukhad says:

    Last Nexus devices have at least been on par with the flagship devices of other companies but now OnePlus are just way better than Nexus in this market.

  7. Shiv Longani says:

    The nexus 6P was on par with the flagship devices, but hey nexus 6P was a ugly looking phone with sales nearly zero. This proves nexus devices are made as a avaerage devices.

  8. Aviral Aggarwal says:

    they are not high end also are not cheap , so specifically these are the phones which people will buy for updates , also those who don't trust chinese manufacturers and can't afford a regular high end phone

  9. Shiv Longani says:

    Aviral, exactly my point. But i guess Mr. Sukhad here is just another plastic follower. No point in arguing with him.

  10. sukhad says:

    I'm just saying if Google is going to manufacture their own phones,they should go all out on specs and tech to challenge all other manufacturers.

  11. Shiv Longani says:

    And destroy the nexus name?

  12. sukhad says:

    Why not change, change could be good.

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