T-Rex Chrome Offline game: Story behind it

It is one of the few games that perhaps each one of us has played. The dinosaur that taunts us whenever our internet connection is gone, is not just a symbol but actually a game that can be activated with a spacebar. The special game that is provided by Google Chrome only, is open source and available at the Chromium project code repository.

There are many theories behind this game, from what it denotes to its different names. But the game itself has been a huge boon to pass time whenever the chrome cannot reach the internet. The T-Rex game, Dino game, Dinosaur game are few of the names it is referred as.

The dinosaur game

How to play the game?

As soon as you press the spacebar, the T-Rex would start running left. Cactus serves as an obstacle over which the T-Rex has to jump. As the score progresses (after 500 points) you might even find pterodactyls that you need to duck from. To jump press the Up arrow while the down arrow is to duck. A special blip sound is produced as you make sets of 100 points. The latest version of the game also has a night mode.

Why the T-rex?

  1. Shorthands of T-Rex

T-Rex tends to have shorthands. The shorthands are used to denote the fact that Chrome browser cannot reach the internet or the particular website at that moment.

  1. The dinosaur era

Not being able to access the net kind of sends us right back to the dinosaur era.

  1. Stan-Google’s very own dinosaur

Google is borderline obsessed with dinosaurs! One of the most popular signs at Googleplex, Headquarters of Google Inc. is the T-Rex Dino nicknamed “Stan”. The fossil of the same was found near the Google premises at Mountain View, California.

Stan-Google's very own Dino

Well, the game definitely provides a much-needed relief to all users suffering from boredom due to lack of internet. Available in both Android, iOS as well as desktops, the digital T-rex is definitely winning hearts!

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What is your high score in this game?

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  1. Rakshit says:

    Dino game is a good example of simplicity. I still remember this game is widely famous among different offices, as it doesn’t require any sort of internet connection. Just to tell you, you can also play this game online while connected to the internet on many websites such as http://www.dinogame.net
    Thanks for refreshing all the memories. Kudos


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