Tech making Scrap better?

We throw away a lot of stuff every day, ranging from electronic goods to old and cars. All these items make up scrap. The scrap industry today is a multi-billion-dollar industry and it contributes the most to the recycling industry worldwide. And let’s face it, today with environment protection gaining utmost prominence in every innovation, recycling plays a very vital role.Scrap

In such a frenzy the scrap industry remains dominant with little to no improvement in its performance. Generally, the waste is collected in a waste yard from where manufacturers, buyers and traders buy the items that they need. Today, the same is being made more convenient to the consumer by using various digital platforms.


The rate of the dollar is increasing every day making exports decrease for the US. So, countries like China who have recycling plants have stopped importing from the US since it becomes pricier. In 2011, statistics state that the scrap industry supported around 460,000 U.S. jobs.


Scrap industry is not a beautiful industry that has gained massive recognition. In the end, there are not many who like playing with such waste. The industry itself has not seen major changes occur in the recent past.  


ScrapGo is a US website that helps people buying waste compare prices from various waste yards and then buy the waste that they want. It has connected an otherwise fragmented industry- and provided people with lots of options and prices to compare with.


Being not a popular industry, it has very competitors at a global level and many small-scale investors. This has led to the industry being within just a few hands.


YouTube is one of the best examples to state about how people are going crazy over developing new things from scraps. It is not just economical but also pretty fun to develop new things from disposed tech. All these DIY’s are gaining massive popularity.

Today, these things have become a brand as well. Even though still in its initial stages, reuse of scrap is becoming a trend. If you have done any experiments and turned scraps into innovations, do comment about it!

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