This is the BlackBerry Krypton

We now have the renders of what is known to be latest blackberry flagship, the BlackBerry Krypton. According to Evan Blass, it will be launched as the Blackberry Motion.

Following the IFA 2017, there are rumours and talks of Blackberry launching another device later this year, preferably around October. This would be known as the Blackberry Krypton. Thanks to Evan Blass, we have the first look at the possible device and its name.

Before we move forward, by “GoodBye Krypton. Hello, BlackBerry Motion” Evan Blass meant the launch name of the device will be the BlackBerry Motion. Krypton might just be a codename used inside the company. Krypton is a great name but Motion will appeal to a wider audience.

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Yes, Blackberry Motion has large bezels and the bottom looks like it hass increased instead of the 2017 trend of decreasing but is it meant to be like that?. The phone is expected to come with IP67 water resistance and 26 hours of battery life. Combine that with the Blackberry security suite, the Motion makes for a good work device. The big bezels supplement that. The S8 of the G6 with their minimal bezels.

BlackBerry KEYone

The big bezels supplement that. The S8 of the G6 with their minimal bezels looks great but they are more prone to breaking than their metal and big bezels display. Blackberry has always been known to make durable devices for work. And we believe the bezels and all are kept for the same. So was with the KEYone. A Physical keyboard on a 2017 premium device.

Unlike the KEYone, it has no physical keyboard but a button at the bottom with BlackBerry Logo embedded in it. The phone looks to be made out of Metal and there still exists a 3.5mm jack.

Are you excited about the BlackBerry Krypton? Do you still use a Blackberry? Let us know in the comments down below!

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