TikTok US ban: Platform prepares advertisers for the ban

TikTok is a Chinese short-video making and sharing app by ByteDancer which has the audience of the young generation. It is one of the most used apps in recent times and has millions of downloads. Amidst the pandemic situation, there is a situation of political crises between countries. Nation’s suspect loopholes in the privacy policies of this app and have put the app under scrutiny. After India’s Chinese app ban it seems TikTok US ban might be the case next.

TikTok US ban

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that would ban US transactions with TikTok and WeChat, the Chinese-owned messaging app, beginning September 15. Restrictions from various countries have hit with a deeper loss to the company and as well as the brand that endorsing them, the creator on the platform. Moreover, it has anticipated $1 billion (766 million pounds) in 2020 revenue is a small fraction of its overall sales.

Before there was any new Tiktok US ban was at the popular demand for every brand. And now they are trying their best to continue to honor the people associated with them by shifting them to another platform said by the Rob Pearsall, senior vice president of biddable media at ad agency Havans Media on Friday. Additionally, the global business solution VP Blake Chandell mentioned ” We’re committed to being a trusted partner to brands, agencies, and marketers as we build for the long term. They will be here for many years to come”.

Where to Switch after TikTok US ban

Some advertisers are forming contingency plans and considering other apps to move their marketing budgets.

First preference is Snapchat

Snapchat is also similar to this app as it is a photo-sharing app thank has a majorly young audience. This statement was out from the  Meghan Rao, account director at ad agency HYFN, ain’t of Nexstar Digital, which counts New Balance and Macy’s as clients. Moreover, she also added that there is a brand that is approaching them for endorsing their products. Though she does not mention the brand that has contacted them.

Other expectations

Tiktok was popular because of its hashtags and challenges by the user that were set by the brand for the ads. Since sponsoring a hashtag takes advantage of planning, Havas and its client are likely to put a pause on those ads, given the looming Sept. 15 deadline, Pearsall said. Moreover, some brand is switching to different apps like Triller and Byte.


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