Your Tinder profile is vulnerable to hackers

Recently it was found that Tinder is an easy picking for hackers and the user’s data could be vulnerable. It was reported that Tinder lacks basic HTTPS encryption, which means that a hacker can easily access user’s photos or even add their own photos to the profile.


Checkmarx, a security research firm discovered two major vulnerabilities in the dating app, which can be a gateway for hackers to see user’s profile and the profiles they have viewed. Although this can only happen if the user and the hacker are on the same network, knowing that many people around the world use shared networks this is a huge security concern.

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A Blog post by Checkmarx read, ” The Checkmarx Security research team found disturbing vulnerabilities in a highly popular dating app used by users across the globe – Tinder”.

In a Youtube video uploaded by the firm, Checkmarx showcased that a potential hacker can recreate user’s action on Tinder if they are on the same WiFi network.


The vulnerabilities are found on both Android and iOS platforms. Hacker can easily take over the user’s profile and can change anything that feels appropriate to the hacker, which means changing user’s data to something inappropriate, or backing up private chats of users for blackmailing purposes, or just swapping everything for malicious content.


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  1. 27th January 2018

    […] Your Tinder profile is vulnerable to hackers  RevTechno (press release) (blog) […]

  2. 27th January 2018

    […] Also Read:- Your Tinder profile is vulnerable to hackers […]

  3. 27th January 2018

    […] Also Read: Your Tinder profile is vulnerable to hackers […]

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