The top 10 websites every person needs to visit

If you are a daily internet user, then these are the few websites that you must check out:

top  10


An e-mail service with a twist. This website does not ask you to sign up for its services. We can create an email id with literally any name. e-mail services like g-mail, yahoo or Hotmail can send their mails to Mailinator.  The id is generally active for a few hours and then auto- deleted.

The website does not really offer much security. Also, we can only receive e-mails here and not send.

However, it is great if you need to receive an e-mail instantly and would not require the address there after.

Usually the best when you need to sign up for a basic service that you are never gonna use again in life.

Check it out here.


Ambient-mixer provides unique quality sound to its users. Just by clicking on an image relaxing and ambient sound starts to play. You can even develop your own sound mix according to your mood but you need to sign up for this feature. Mailinator will come in handy here.

A must use for the person who uses white noise to calm them down.

Check it out here.


Many who have learnt coding from internet swear by this website. It is a great platform for learning the very basics of various courses. The website has many courses in web development, various languages, tools, API’s and data analytics. It is very easy to join a course and a detailed instruction makes it easy to learn.

There are advanced learning modules also available but they cost a fair buck. Totally value for the money we would like to say.

Check it out here.

4. AlternativeTO

Is one of the software you have not working anymore and you need another option? Don’t worry AlternativeTO has got you covered. This website provides an alternative to web-based software, desktop computer software, and mobile apps, and sorts the alternatives by various criteria .

The main difference in using ALternativeTo is that the software is not arranged into categories, but each individual piece of software has its own list of alternatives, permitting a more tailored listing approach.

Check it out here.


With almost about thousands of videos, this website is a must visit for coders. With tutorials covering almost every computer science topic it is a great platform for learning something new.

The website has been recently expanded to cover further topics like cooking, healthcare and more.

The best of all, it is completely free.

Check it out here.


Another completely free website. Need a photo editor urgently, then PIXLR is your destination. It provides many tools for photo editing and graphic design. It is easy to use and also time saving.

Similar to photoshop, it offers all its editing options on the website itself. There are two options available PIXLR Editor and PIXLR Express.

Check it out here.


Our e-mail system does not really allow us to send large files and sometimes it can be a real headache. Wetransfer allows us to send almost 2 gigabytes file sized data at once (in the free version). It is pretty easy to use .

If we require more than 2GB we can sign up for the WeTransfer plus which allows us to send data upto 20GB and provides more features like storing upto 100GB of data, protection of data and customization of data.

Check it out here.


This website provides answers to literally anything and everything. It is a computational knowledge engine, an online service that answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from externally sourced “curated data”. Unlike a search engine, it does not provide a list of webpages that may contain data rather provides factual results.

Check it out here.


GoAnimate is a cloud-based, animated video creation platform. It does not matter if you have no knowledge about animation. You can easily create your characters and give them voice overs. The characters would automatically lip sync to whatever has been recorded. The website usually provides a free 14-day trial versionafter which you have to pay a fee for using its premium version.

Check it out here.


BugMeNot is an intenet service that provides user id’s and passwords to let users bypass the mandatory free registration on websites. It allows its users to add new accounts for sites with free registration.

Check it out here.

Know any other website that is a great life saver? Then do comment below !!

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