Top 5 Apps for Women Safety you need to have on your smartphone

Be it, women or children, no one is safe from the dangers lurking within the four walls of our own house or outside. The only weapon to protect oneself is by being a weapon yourself. Women safety has become one of the major issues today. Protection against these crimes has become a necessity. And one of the best method to secure yourself is your own smartphone.

Since most of us always carry our smartphones with us whenever we go out, here are a few must-have apps:



Safetipin is definitely one of the best apps out there. From basic functions like adding emergency numbers to one-touch alert message service, this app performs a lot of tasks. One of its best services is its GPS tracking. It shows a list of safe places (which are pined) and also rates them. It gives directions so as to reach a safe place and one can pin the safe places so as to help others.



Shake2Safety is best used in emergency situations or in cases where operating your phone is difficult. It works perfectly well with a locked screen and even without an internet connection. One of the easiest to use it sends an SOS message or call to registered numbers when the phone is either shaken or the power button is pressed 4 times. The shaking option can be disabled.



It is the easiest app to use and definitely one of the most useful app when you cannot reach or use your phone. Perhaps one of the most innovative app it sends an SOS signal as soon as it detects a scream. It sends either an alert message to the registered emergency contacts along with the location. It can also be activated by pressing the power button 5-6 times.



This app was developed by the Delhi Police. To use this app, the user has to register on the Delhi Police Website. An OTP is sent which needs to submit to complete the configuration of the app. Whenever SOS signal is initiated it sends an audio/video signal and location of the user to Delhi Police Control room.


The bSafe app allows our guardians to get a live trial of GPS location. It also sets off an alert if we have not checked-in before a given time.  Furthermore, the best feature of this app is that it can make your phone ring with a fake call and notifies our emergency contacts with location, video and an alarm.

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